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Ian Lewandowski is a photographer who was born in 1990 in Northwest Indiana.
He lives and works in Brooklyn with his partner Anthony and their dog Seneca.
His work is about histories of pictures, bodies, and communities.
He also writes, sews, crochets, and co-curates Slow Youth.

@ianrlewandowski on Instagram & Tumblr


2014 Pratt Institute BFA, Photography


2017 Newspaper Vol V #2 Group publication curated and edited by Marcelo Gabriel Yáñez, New York NY

2016 Plus ça change group exhibition curated by Maribeth Flynn, St. Joseph's College, Brooklyn NY

2016 Where Do We Go From Here donation-based photography zine, New York NY

2016 These Intimate Photographs Capture One Small Ounce Of What Pride Is All About on The Fader

2016 Cartographie de la photographie contemporaine curated by Stefano Marchionini at leboudoir2.0, Arles FR

2016 Papersafe Issue #07: The Wild, Detroit MI

2016 Double Spar Group publication published by Slow Youth, Brooklyn NY

2016 Jim French, Male Beauty, and Languages of Desire on Hyperallergic

2015 Capricious No. 16: Ex, Brooklyn NY

2015 American Chordata, Issue Two, Brooklyn NY

2015 Island Time group exhibition curated by Morgan Maher at Rabbithole Projects, Brooklyn NY

2015 Packet Biweekly Cover Residency Volume VIII: Issues #049-054 Brooklyn NY

2014 Winter Collection group exhibition at Kimberly Klark Gallery, Queens NY

2014 Mile High Club (with Angela Cherry) self-published photography zine, Brooklyn NY

2014 Heart of Gold (with Anthony Cudahy) self-published photography zine, Brooklyn NY

2014 Pisces Virgo: Photographs by Ian Lewandowski self-published photography zine, Brooklyn NY

2014 The Ones We Love group photography exhibition curated by Lindley Warren at Atelier de Koekkoek, Vienna AT